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Environmental laundry in Czech Republic

Environmental laundry in Czech Republic
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Energy, Materials, Water
Hotel and restaurant, Service sector, Textile and clothing
Low cost
Payback time:
1 Year(s)
Associated cost savings: Energy:
Return on investment:
Premises and operation areas:
Production building, Product and design, Production processes
Size of company:
Small (less than 50)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:
One off investment:

The beautiful, environmental laundry...

  • Renewable energy is used in high energy applications, saving € 25 000 annually
  • Laundromat uses environmentally friendly detergents
  • Thanks to renewable energy, it can offer its services at attractive prices

Environmental laundry BSB, s.r.o. in Olomouc is not only environmentally friendly, but thanks to energy saving measures it can offer its services to customers, which include hospitals, hotels and restaurants, at reasonable prices. The laundry takes electricity and waste heat from a nearby biogas station, uses biodegradable detergents and guarantees the cleanness of the laundry.

BSB Laundry uses electricity from a renewable source (biogas plant), and also the waste heat from the water that cools the co-generation units. Heat is used in the laundry to preheat water and to dry clothes in driers. While commonly used electric drying is energy and financially demanding, hot water technology has generated significant savings on operating costs.

Key benefits

The laundry also consistently uses biodegradable detergents, which significantly reduces the impact of its operation on the surrounding environment. This means customers can guarantee that their napkins, sheets and other laundered textiles are both clean and eco-friendly.

The Olomouc facility demonstrates the advantage of finding alternative energy sources, including heat from renewables, to offset what is traditionally an energy-intensive operation. The laundry not only significantly increases its energy independence, but thanks to the use of green energy from the adjacent biogas station, it can also offer customers attractive prices.

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