Waterless urinals

Waterless urinals
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Investment cost:
Low cost
Payback time:
1 - 3 Year(s)
Cost savings:
Depends on frequency of use; saves 1.5 litres of water for each flushing
Investment cost:
300 - 600€ / The price of 1 piece of waterless urinal differs from 250 to 600 EUR.
Payback time:
Depends on the amount of urinals installed and frequency of use

The best solution to reduce water consumption for urinal flushing is to install waterless urinals. They operate using chemical-impregnated plastic pads, or a spring-loaded trap and a floating layer of oil as barrier. The best thing for the environment is to use the 'chemical-free', waterless option.

Prior to installation, waste pipes should be assessed and modified to remove any flow restrictions and thoroughly cleaned during retrofitting. Waterless urinals require specialised cleaning methods with compatible chemicals, and in some cases replacement of the liquid barrier or pad every couple of weeks.


The advantages of waterless urinals are:

  • Significantly lower cost: each flushing of traditional urinals requires 1.5 lires of water; waste entirely avoided in the waterless version
  • Easy maintenance: quicky and easily done using a biological cleaner
  • 100 % odourless and free of bacteria
  • Conforms to LEED and ISO certification requirements

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