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Water-saving WC pans and flushing devices for medium-sized enterprises

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Investment cost:
Medium cost
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Cost savings:
1000 - 2000€
Resource saving:
For a company with 100 employees 300 m3 per year

A company with 100 employees can save about 300 m3 of fresh water per year by using water-saving WC pans (6 litre volume) and a two-volume flush cistern instead of WC pans with a flushing-water volume of 9 litres.

This leads to a reduction of fresh water consumption by about 40 %. The savings are based on the assumption that each employee uses the toilet 2.5 times a day. Depending on the costs for fresh water and sewage, the cost savings range from € 1 000 to € 2 000 per year.

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