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Lobster Pod for shellfish transportation

Materials, Water
Food processing, Hotel and restaurant, Wholesale and retail
Investment cost:
Medium cost
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Cost savings:
20 - 80%
up to 80%
Resource type:
Water savings, material savings, waste water
Resource saving:
Lobster Pod uses only 400 litres of water per tonne of shellfish compared to traditional transport systems, and requires fewer water changes
Lobster Pod was designed to improve animal welfare, reduce losses of live shellfish during transit (survival rate is up to 99 %)

The Lobster Pod is an innovative, patent pending live shellfish storage and transportation system. It has been scientifically proven to increase survival to over 99 % from an industry average of 85 %, saving waste and helping create sustainable fisheries. The quality of the shellfish is improved by utilising a unique controlled atmosphere system which creates optimum conditions for lobster, crab, langoustine and other shellfish species.

This new technology achieves a significant reduction in water during transport mode and removes the need for dumping the water at delivery, avoiding the risk of pollution, waste, and transfer of invasive species. Reduced weight saves fuel and carbon emissions enabling Lobster Pod to perform better than traditional transport methods.

The Lobster Pod benefits: 

  • Uses only 400 litres of water per tonne of shellfish compared to traditional transport systems which use 2-4 tonnes of seawater per tonne of shellfish
  • Decreases transport costs per unit due to reduction in weight of transport water
  • Significant reduction in wastewater discharge at destination point
  • Increase survival rate of shellfish during transit to 99 %
  • Water in the Pod only requires partial changes (about 20 % change every month) compared to daily water changes of 20-100 % in other systems

Scotish Environment Business Awards, VIBES 2017, http://www.vibes.org.uk/winners-stories/2015/lobster-pod/

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