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Flexible thermal insulation for solid walls

Energy, Carbon
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Reduced energy costs
Payback time:
Payback time depends on the condition of the walls/ceilings, energy price fluctuations, installation costs, etc.

Warm, comfortable ... and budget-friendly

Effective thermal insulation can help businesses to reduce energy consumption, with associated energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions. It can also improve staff comfort, health and wellbeing.

Products such as Sempatap Thermal can even insulate solid walls, which typically have no cavities for insulation to be installed or injected. The product is approved in the UK by the Energy Saving Trust and Building Research Establishment figures calculate that installing Sempatap Thermal can reduce the ‘U’ value of a building by nearly 30 %.

The product comes in a 10 mm thick roll and is installed in a similar fashion to wallpaper. For this reason, it is particularly effective for smaller premises compared to alternatives, such as the rigid insulated board, which can reach some 100 mm thick.

How it works

Rolls of flexible thermal insulation are applied directly to the interior side of external walls using an adhesive. It can also be applied to ceilings. This simple and fast installation means less disruption to the business. It can also smooth over minor internal surface defects, which makes it an effective application in older buildings.

Once installed the product can be painted, papered or tiled. Sempatap Thermal has a manufacturer’s life expectancy of 30 years. Flexible thermal insulation like this is traditionally applied in the residential sector, but it works well in offices too, especially those in old or converted buildings.


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