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Aerofoil technology for refrigeration equipment

Energy, Carbon
Food processing, Hotel and restaurant, Wholesale and retail
Investment cost:
Low cost
Payback time:
1 - 2 Year(s)
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Cost savings:
The average 3.75 m multi-deck fridge fitted with Aerofoil is likely to save € 335-559 (£ 300-500) per year in energy costs, so the potential savings are high

Aerofoil technology can be fitted to the front of refrigerated display cases to minimise chilled air and energy losses. Aerofoil solutions can cut energy consumption by up to 30 %. 

Multi-deck fridges in retail stores devour huge amounts of energy due to their open design. The fridge’s cold air mixes with warm air outside, making shopping aisles uncomfortably cold and increasing the temperature of the air pulled back into the fridge to be recycled. This, in turn, makes the fridge work even harder. Aerofoil reduces the cold air escaping and mixing with warm air, significantly lowering energy use.

Reducing energy consumption not only reduces energy costs, it also helps the environment by reducing a property's overall carbon footprint. Aerofoil technology has been added to the UK government's Energy Technology List


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