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Green Growth Coalition

All manufacturing industries, Waste management and recycling
Guides, handbooks, information material
2014 - present
Target group:
All types of companies and organisations
Energy, Materials, Water, Waste, Carbon
Where is this support available:

The Green Growth Coalition (GGC), created in 2014, represents a voluntary commitment (Green Growth Commitment) by private, public, and civil society stakeholders to move towards a green growth economy in Portugal.

The GGC working groups started their activities in 2016, focusing on sectors or themes, which are central for circular economy, decarbonisation and territory value. They include: industry, cities and regions, mobility, energy and climate, waste, agriculture and forestry and public procurement.

The working groups feature public institutions and business associations working together in counselling the government to shape the main initiatives for circular economy and green growth, and working on collaborative projects to establish a business case for the circular economy.

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