The European Resource Efficiency Knowledge Centre (EREK) gathers all actors involved in supporting small- and medium-sized businesses on their journey towards resource efficiency. Though only business support organisations can join the EREK network, other platforms, projects, and organisations collaborate with EREK in its activities. These partnerships are established with the objective of generating benefits across sectors and services, and to amplify their impact combining different strands of expertise. 

We collaborate on the development of expert content, the organisation of workshops and events, and the dissemination of resource efficiency expertise, so as to promote and strengthen the reach of the European resource efficiency service market.

So far, five partnerships have been organised with the Enterprise Europe Network, the European Cluster Collaboration Platform, the Joint Research Centre, the project Scaling Circular Business and the digital platform Manufacture 2030. 

These partnerships help EREK reach a broader audience and continue promoting resource efficiency topics. The nature of the collaboration varies with each partner, according to what synergies emerge from different projects.  For instance, when our team was afforded the opportunity to present the EREK project at a workshop of the Environment Sector Group, from the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), this helped us better understand the needs of EEN network members, thus ensuring stronger and more effective future EREK-EEN collaboration. In most cases, EREK publishes news and events through the social media platforms of its partners. Collaboration schemes can also include joint organisation of workshops and events.  

EREK is always looking for new collaboration opportunities! If you identify synergies between your activities and the activities of EREK, do not hesitate to contact us.

The EREK team