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STENG - National Cleaner Production Center Ltd.

Potrceva cesta 50
2250 Ptuj
Contact person:
Janez Petek, PhD

Steng - National Cleaner Production Centre Ltd. (Steng-nacionalni center za cistejso proizvodnjo d.o.o.) is a private entity specialised in process and energy systems analysis, energy auditing of the process, especially SMEs and in the circular economy, including cleaner production. The company carried several feasibility studies in cogeneration with natural gas and wooden biomass (gasification, pyrolysis, ORC), energy auditing in food processing, sugar beet processing, dairy, laundries, metal processing, beverages, etc. The company has carried many design projects in waste heat recuperation in a rendering plant, compressed air systems, chicken farm etc. Those experiences, case studies and knowledge are also included curricula of the college of bionics in Ptuj.

Support services:
Best practices, Consultancy/one to one consultations, Energy and material audit, Training
Resource expertise:
Energy, Materials, Water, Waste, Carbon
Sectoral expertise:
Chemical and process engineering, Food processing, Metal and plastic processing, Textile and clothing, Waste management and recycling

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