Slovak Business Agency

Slovak Business Agency
Karadžičova 2
81109 Bratislava 2
Contact person:
Ing. Jana Bieliková - Head of International Projects Dept.

SBA has been supporting development and growth of Slovak SMEs to improve their competitiveness for more than 20 years.

SBA implements specific ERDF funded national projects for the support of SMEs on specific topics – the National Business Centre (and its regional units) serving as a one-stop-shop, including the accelerator, incubator and growth programme) and the internationalisation support programme, which increase skills and competence of potential, new and established entrepreneurs. Within these, SBA has a pool of experts, mentors, contacts and agreements with various stakeholders who deal with the SME issues.

Thanks to the ongoing SBA microloans program and the venture capital, even very small businesses can afford access to favourable funding.

Additionally, SBA identifies and analyses barriers of the business development and prepares proposals for their elimination.

SBA has been also implementing successful international projects on various topics including eco-innovation (EKOprofit Bratislava) or circular economy which partly also encompasses resource efficiency (MOVECO). Within the ongoing MOVECO project, international consortium of partners has developed a circular toolbox for SMEs (information, qualification, financial and collaboration tools as well as virtual marketplace for waste materials and by-products) to facilitate the transition of eco-innovations in the Danube region. The current piloting of the tools by SBA in Slovakia is being done by various forms including public discussions, participation on fairs and conferences, company visits, trainings and by co-organizing conferences in order to bring together  policymakers, innovators, best circular business practices and SMEs who want to implement the circular principles. Our goal is to actively contribute to the creation of a platform of stakeholders in order to accelerate the circular changes in Slovakia.

Support services:
Best practices, events, Financial support, Guides, handbooks, information material, Information and dissemination activities, Innovation vouchers, Training
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