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Piceno Promozione - Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Marche region

Special company Piceno Promotion
Via L. Mercantini, 25
63100 Ascoli Piceno AP
Contact person:
Laura Melloni

PICENO PROMOTION is the special company of the Chamber of Commerce of Ascoli Piceno for the internationalization of business.

The missions that the Chamber has delegated to the Company are:

  •  the promotion of the provincial territory and local economies through own actions including territorial marketing on their own initiative or delegated by public bodies and institutions;
  • the planning and management of interventions financed by provincial, regional, national, community and international funds, in favor of the Chamber of Commerce or other bodies involved in the process of corporate internationalization;
  • the coordination of the planning and management activities of the promotional calendar shared by the Marche Chamber of Commerce and Regional System (fairs, missions, exhibitions, B2B);
  • the management of the " Worldpass " internationalization branch of Unioncamere Italia;
  • the management of the Enterprise Europe Network of the European Union.

The Company carries out activities of public interest and does not pursue for-profit purposes.

Support services:
Best practices
Sectoral expertise:
Food processing, Hotel and restaurant, Manufacturing of machinery and equipment, Other, Textile and clothing

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