Local Energy Agency of Spodnje Podravje

Local Energy Agency of Spodnje Podravje
Presernova ulica 18
2250 Ptuj
Contact person:
Janez Petek, PhD

The Local Energy Agency of Spodnje Podravje provides sustainable energy development in the area of the Lower Podravje region. We are expanding our knowledge and experiences with demonstration projects, conducted training and consulting to municipalities and enterprises, with the promotion of sustainable principles and awareness raising among citizens to promote investments in renewable resources and efficient energy use. Our services combine:

  • Energy management for all 26 municipalities.
  • Energy accounting for 50 public buildings.
  • Developing and preparing of local energy concepts (LEC) and sustainability energy action plans (SEAP) for 35 municipalities.
  • Implementation of applicative projects in the field of EEU and RES.
  • Carrying out at least 100 energy audits for public buildings and SMEs (schools, kindergartens, hospitals, theatres, SMEs, public lighting systems, sport halls etc.).
  • Energy certification of buildings.
  • Design, documentation and application for the Cohesion funds for energy efficiency, renewables and energy renovation in public sector (obtained more than 15 min EUR).
  • Conducting promotional and educational activities in the field of sustainable energy development and energy efficiency.
Support services:
Best practices, Consultancy/one to one consultations, Energy and material audit, Guides, handbooks, information material, Training
Resource expertise:
Energy, Materials, Water, Waste, Carbon
Sectoral expertise:
All manufacturing industries, All sectors, Construction, Office and administration, Service sector