Institute of Circular Economy

Institute of Circular Economy
Czech Republic
Contact person:
Vojtěch Vosecký

INCIEN is a non-profit, non-governmental organization focusing on innovative environmental management. Together with our partners we work on projects that allow the transition from a linear towards a circular system. INCIEN is formed by a quickly growing team of Czech creative professionals. The organization core consists of alumni from the well-known Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

INCIEN’s mission is to inform, educate and interpret best practices and co-create pilot projects that strive for a transition from a linear to a circular economy. In collaboration with companies, municipalities, the governmental sector, NGOs and other stakeholders, INCIEN participates in many different projects every year. We know what opportunities the circular economy brings, and that its main building block is a change of mindset, as well as an effective and well functioning co-creation and collaboration between main stakeholders.

Support services:
Best practices, Consultancy/one to one consultations, Energy and material audit, Guides, handbooks, information material, Self assessment and benchmarking tools, Training
Resource expertise:
Materials, Water, Waste
Sectoral expertise:
Construction, Food processing, Hotel and restaurant, Metal and plastic processing, Office and administration, Other, Service sector, Textile and clothing, Waste management and recycling, Wholesale and retail