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IME GSEVEE - Small Enterprises’ Institute Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants

46, Aristotelous Street
Contact person:
Michail Tzamalis, Scientific Personnel

IME GSEVEE is a non-profit organisation that carries out studies and surveys, acting as GSEVEE’s scientific advisor. It provides GSEVEE with documentation for the development of positions, and it studies, evaluates and compiles policy proposals on economic growth, finance of enterprises, taxation, employment, social security, competition and upgrading skills of human resources of small enterprises.

Meanwhile, IME GSEVEE plans and implements educational and vocational training programmes with the purpose of strengthening the skills of the human resources of enterprises, as well as support services for enterprises that foster entrepreneurship and innovation, but also promote the strengthening and development of sustainable and competitive enterprises.

The objective of the Institute is not only to become the robust and reliable scientific advisor of GSEVEE, but rather opts for something more: to evolve into a key “reference point” for the issues concerning small and medium-sized enterprises in Greece.

Support services:
Sectoral expertise:
Construction, Food processing, Hotel and restaurant, Metal and plastic processing, Service sector

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