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Sports club wins energy battle

High cost
Payback time:
4.9 Year(s)
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Associated cost savings: Energy:
Co2 emission reduction:
28 tonnes CO2 equivalent per year
Size of company:
Micro (less than 10)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:
One off investment:

Trimming down for the... winter

  • Priority for a Scottish sports club was to upgrade its ageing heating and insulation
  • With the budget available, experts advised against low-hanging fruit like new lighting, at this stage 

Inverness Tennis and Squash Club is a hub for the local community providing a range of sports facilities including a gym, fitness studio and sauna.

With a boiler and heating system dating back to the 1960s and large areas to heat, the Club knew that any improvements to its heating, insulation and outdoor lighting would be a major endeavour. It approached Resource Efficient Scotland for advice and support to tackle its huge energy bills and carbon footprint.

The decision to consult the experts was a good one, as the findings went against the more obvious option of replacing the lighting.

Key results

Tennis is played all year on outdoor courts, and the low-hanging fruit for energy-saving would be to install LED flood lighting. But the experts recommended against that due to the long payback period for such an investment. With the limited budget available for the upgrade, they recommended installing a gas-fired central heating, improving the building’s insulation (cavity wall, loft) and installing double-glazing.

These measures, it was estimated, would save the club € 7 768 per year on its energy bills. With an investment of € 33 149 required for the upgrade work, Inverness would see a payback on capital investment in under five years.


“The wall and window insulation and new heating system for our cavernous premises are already yielding heat efficiency and cost benefits, and we know that these will greatly increase as we enter the cold weather seasons. The project has done much to future-proof our energy situation and bring lasting savings to the club. Without the loan from the SME Loan Fund and grant from Carbon Clever, it would have been quite impossible ... to have undertaken this much-needed project. We are most grateful, not just for the invaluable funding support, but also for the information, guidance and encouragement we received to pursue the project, and for the impressive speed and efficiency with which both bodies responded to our enquiries and applications." - Inverness Tennis and Squash Club 


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