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Smart hand dryers

Smart hand dryers
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Energy, Waste
All sectors, Hotel and restaurant, Office and administration
Medium cost
Payback time:
0.5 Year(s)
Resource savings: Waste:
Evidence-based data shows that SAVORTEX’s adDryer reduces paper towel waste by up to 97 %
Associated cost savings: Energy:
66 - 88%
Associated cost savings: Waste:
Payback time:
For a larger business, payback time for the installation of adDryers is estimated at 6 months
Premises and operation areas:
Office building
Size of company:
Medium (less than 250)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
One off investment:

Handy technology

  • New hand dryers mean energy and cost savings while providing useful information
  • A library expects to save € 22 640 on washroom facilities

The British Library had an annual spend on dry cleaning and replacing linen towels of about € 25 000 (£ 22 202). These included dryers with low-efficiency ratings. In response to this, it ran a two-month trial of new smart hand dryers.

According to SAVORTEX, which markets the new technology, the hand driers “transform wasteful corporate washrooms into connected, hygienic and sustainable revenue-producing assets”. Along with its EcoCurve range of smart hand dryers, SAVORTEX has developed the adDryer range which delivers energy and waste savings, alerts cleaners to washroom needs, while engaging users with tailored high-definition video messages. The adDryer uses digital brushless-motor technology.

With a digital display screen, the adDryer range uses Intel® Atom™ processors to power their hand dryers because of their strong energy efficiency performance. Such screens can be used to display messages encouraging waste saving, or external commercial advertisements. 

The quick-dry technology takes only 11 seconds and runs on 550 watts, which is significantly lower than competitor products. The EcoCurve dryer has a lifespan of 20 000 hours and an industry leading seven-year parts warranty.

Key benefits

The trial led to an immediate reduction in energy usage of 66 %. On average, each dryer displayed 115 adverts a day. If such levels of engagement were continued across the whole year, the British Library could generate placement revenues of € 294 000 (£ 261 130) per annum from advertising alone. After the initial installation costs, the low operational cost of the adDryers means that, over a year, the British Library could expect to save € 22 640 (£ 20 125) on washroom facilities. 

Whilst reducing paper waste and using less energy than standard hand dryers, SAVORTEX’s smart hand dryer also raises employees general level of awareness around company environmental targets and savings.

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