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Production of recycled paper products

Production of recycled paper products
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Materials, Waste
Waste management and recycling
Size of company:
Medium (less than 250)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:

Greening the paper trail 

  • A company providing paper, visual communication and packaging decided to improve its CSR strategy
  • It developed an eco-analysis tool to communicate the benefits of recycled paper to customers

Antalis is a professional paper distributor and provider of packaging and visual communication solutions in Europe and the world (outside of the United States). It is the only operator in its sector with an international presence in 43 countries, among them the Czech Republic.

The Czech branch of the company looked into ways to improve its green image as part of its wider corporate social responsibility (CSR), which meant taking more responsibility for social, ethical and environmental issues as well as economic ones.

Key results

Among other actions to achieve its green mission, Antalis decided to promote eco-responsible products. It also developed a clever 'eco-analysis tool', which can be used to calculate exactly how much wood, electricity or water is being saved just by using recycled paper.

In addition, the company works closely with its suppliers, customers, and other parties in order to share innovation, value-added and best experiences in the environmental field.


"Our goal is to do profitable business in the long term with strong ethical and responsible values, including economic, human, social and environmental issues. Our responsibility is to make sure that the basic values of the company are carried out in our daily activities." - Antalis

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