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Kesko Logistics trains drivers in eco-driving

Energy, Carbon
All sectors, Service sector, Wholesale and retail
Annual saving:
10 - 15% / 7000€
Payback time:
0 Year(s)
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Total cost savings:
Average fuel cost saving of 10 to 15 % after one-day course
Size of company:
Large (more than 250)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
One off investment:
300 - 350€

Driving eco-change...

  • Large Finnish logistics company explores wide range of eco-friendly hauling solutions
  • Optimised routing and loading as well as training for contract hauliers in eco-driving deliver the goods

Kesko Logistics is one of the largest providers of logistics services in Finland. It has international expertise in transport and forwarding as well as comprehensive temperature-controlled transportation and terminal network and extensive warehousing capacity. Its international hauling covers deliveries of merchandise to Finland from over 100 countries. The temperature-controlled network extends throughout Finland. 

The company is highly aware of the need for eco-friendly solutions because transport has major environmental impacts. In addition to training and technical solutions, Kesko works on improving its efficiency through good transport planning and optimised routing and loading. Return logistics is thus systemically applied. Subcontractors are encouraged to use low-emission equipment. Since Autumn 2012, the company has arranged training in eco-driving for its contract hauliers and their drivers to reduce emissions. Almost all contract drivers are trained in eco-driving and most vehicles are fitted with vehicle interfaces monitoring the driving habits of drivers.

Key benefits

  • Lower fuel consumption and therefore less harmful environmental impact
  • A practical way to contribute to climate change mitigation by reducing carbon dioxide emissions
  • Average fuel cost saving of 10 to 15 % after one-day eco-driving course

“Environmental requirements in transport are tightening and costs are increasing, and therefore naturally it pays to be proactive. Moreover, our customers are increasingly interested in the way environmental aspects are taken into consideration in logistics.” -- Kesko Logistics Development Manager Kauko Keskihannu


Kesko Logistics, www.kesko.fi/en

Eco-driving, www.ecodriving.com



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