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French metal factory sets up dedicated recycling chains

French metal factory sets up dedicated recycling chains
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All manufacturing industries, Metal and plastic processing
Low cost
Annual saving:
Payback time:
0.24 Year(s)
Resource savings: Waste:
Around 28 bbl of waste is saved every year
Associated cost savings: Waste:
Payback time:
The exact payback time was two months
Co2 emission reduction:
10 tonnes CO2 equivalent per year
Premises and operation areas:
Waste and recycling
Size of company:
Medium (less than 250)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:
One off investment:

Sorting out a waste problem

  • Company recovers 54 % of its waste through dedicated recycling chains
  • Saves € 3 500 per year and contributes to the environment

Préciforge is a metal-working company employing 140 people in Thiers, France. It specialises in forging, stamping and powder metallurgy, mostly in the manufacture of automotive parts.

On average, the company generated around 52 tonnes of waste annually. To improve its environmental and economic performance, Préciforge knew that it had to reduce waste by exploring ways of sorting and recovering as much as possible. A waste-sorting programme, including training and awareness-raising among staff, has been implemented.

Key results

Sorting points and containers have been placed around the site, including in the workshops, and the staff members are regularly informed of the company's waste-management policy. By setting up dedicated recycling chains for wood, plastic, office waste, paper and waste oils, the company was able to recover ​​54 % of this waste, saving around €3 500 a year. 




"In addition to our desire to reduce waste at the source (evaporator for graphite waste, removing solvent degreasing fountains, use recyclable packaging with our customers and subcontractors, ..), we focused our efforts on the recovery of our waste. Today, more than 99% of our waste is recovered." - Éric Delaire, Quality and Environment Director, Préciforge 

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