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Footprint calculation at waste-management company in France

Footprint calculation at waste-management company in France
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Waste management and recycling
Low cost
Annual saving:
10 - 20%
Payback time:
0.2 - 0.5 Year(s)
Total cost savings:
Highest savings have been achieved through improved transportation practices resulting from footprint calculations
Premises and operation areas:
Production processes, Waste and recycling
Size of company:
Large (more than 250)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:

Waste-management pioneer markets its success

  • Waste-management footprint calculator offers valuable insight
  • The footprint tool SITA commissioned saves the company up to 20 % on transportation costs

SITA, a part of the SUEZ Group, is one of largest waste-management companies in France. The waste-collection business in the European Union has become highly competitive and companies like SITA are seeking new ways to provide greater customer satisfaction at a lower cost. SITA was looking for a tool to use as an internal operations indicator that could also be used as a tool to communicate with stakeholders – from citizens to policymakers to businesses.

Global Footprint Network, in partnership with Angenius and Médiation & Environment, created an interactive tool for calculating a footprint of the waste-collection portion of SITA’s operations. The company uses the tool to analyse its operations and determine how to lower its footprint, while increasing efficiency and reducing costs, especially in waste transport.

Key benefits

The time and money invested in this project quickly paid back. The tool saves the company up to 10-20 % on transportation costs.

SITA also uses the footprint tool to help its customers understand the ecological value of waste as an opportunity for creating resource savings. By creating and actively marketing their footprint calculator (, and by embracing the footprint conceptual framework, SITA has successfully marketed itself as a green-waste pioneer, which helps it compete for waste-management bids.

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