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Daylight atmosphere for an industrial hall

Food processing
High cost
Payback time:
2.4 Year(s)
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Resource savings: Energy:
Annual electricity savings is equivalent to heating 200 private houses with electric heating
Associated cost savings: Energy:
Size of company:
Large (more than 250)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:
One off investment:

Brighter, safer working environment

  • A major lighting overhaul to efficient LEDs delivers results
  • Leading to more comfortable, safe and energy efficient lighting in the production facilities 

Hartwall is one of the major beverage producers in Finland. Hartwall’s product portfolio includes beers, ciders and long drinks, bottled waters, soft drinks, juices and speciality drinks as well as through a subsidiary Hartwa-Trade, wines and other alcoholic beverages. The company belongs to the Danish Royal Unibrew Group.

The company has reported a successful lighting overhaul in the company’s large and modern beverage production facilities in Lahti. As many as 3 300 light fixtures have been replaced with less than 2 000 light-emitting diodes (LED). The new optimised lighting and energy efficient light sources are 8-9 times more cost-effective than the previous solution.

New 86 W high-bay LED lights and LED tubes illuminate 64 000 square metres from the plant’s surface area. There are altogether 1 786 LED fixtures giving light from a wider angle than the previous over 400 W lights.

Key benefits

  • The colour temperature of LEDs is 5 700 K. It almost corresponds to daylight colour temperature which means all colours are bright, helping workers read label texts on the beverages

  • Smart and optimised lighting offered major energy savings in annual electricity use, e.g. equivelant of 200 private houses heated by electricity

  • Besides savings, the LED lighting improved work-safety and comfort at the plant

  • The payback time of the lighting investment is only 2.4 years


"Lighting usually covers surprisingly great amount of the total energy use at the premises. This was found to be true also in this case. Besides giving energy savings modern led technology improves work safety and comfort.” -  Henrik Lemmetty, Managing Director of Lem-Kem Oy, the company responsible for the implementation of Hartwall’s lighting improvement project


Information about choosing the energy efficient lightning (available in Finnish), https://valaistustieto.fi/

Hartwall website, https://www.hartwall.fi/en/responsibility

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