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Composting by Canadian restaurant radically cuts landfill

Composting by Canadian restaurant radically cuts landfill
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Waste, Carbon
Hotel and restaurant
Medium cost
Annual saving:
99 - 100%
Payback time:
0.5 - 0.6 Year(s)
Associated cost savings: Waste:
99% / 2400€
Size of company:
Micro (less than 10)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:
One off investment:

Looking to garbage for inspiration...

  • Composting and recycling cuts landfill by 99 % and associated costs 
  • 8 cedar composting bins divert around 190 kg of organic waste weekly

Cajun Attic, a restaurant in Canada, implemented a management system for the (mainly organic) waste generated on site with the main aim of reducing landfill waste disposal costs, which used to be C$ 3 600 (~€ 2 400) annually.

The restaurant owner refused to increase the menu prices or compromise the food quality or variety. Instead, he looked to his garbage for inspiration. An examination of the waste the restaurant sent to landfill revealed that almost all of it was either recyclable or compostable. He started with a pilot on-site composting programme, which later expanded to all organic waste produced, while he subcontracted a company to collect source separated dry recyclables.

The set-up cost for the composting equipment was estimated at C$ 1 500 (~€ 1 000), while the operating costs were negligible. This means that the cost recovery period was less than six months, taking into account the savings on landfill waste delivery.

Key benefits

The composting system enabled Cajun Attic to divert around 190 kg (4 m3) of organic waste from landfill per week. The combined composting and recycling system enabled the restaurant to divert over 99 % of its waste from landfill.

Besides the cost reduction, which was the main driver for the initiative, the waste management measures at Cajun Attic also significantly reduce methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas.


"I started composting to save money, and the environmental benefits came as an added bonus." - Cajun Attic owner John St. Aubin 

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