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Biodegradable, handmade mattresses

Biodegradable, handmade mattresses
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Materials, Waste
Hotel and restaurant, Textile and clothing
Medium cost
Premises and operation areas:
Waste and recycling
Size of company:
Small (less than 50)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:

Natural materials 'embedded' throughout!

  • Bedding company improves its all-natural offer through involvement in pilot project
  • Its recycling and 'take-back' scheme delivers 81 tonnes of material for recycling and 89 tonnes for re-use

Naturalmat is an international, award-winning business that offers a huge range of organic, natural and luxury mattresses, toppers, bedding and beds for babies. Less harmful to the environment, the range uses materials such as mohair, cashmere, bamboo, cotton and natural latex in place of chemical compounds. Naturalmat’s luxury beds can be found in hotels all over the world.

The company also provides a free mattress recycling 'take-back' scheme through which used bedding can be safely and efficiently recycled.

Key benefits

Goals and benefits of Naturalmat’s products include:                  

  • 100 % biodegradable, handmade mattresses
  • Employs local supply chains
  • Guaranteed chemical-free products
  • Extended product durability
  • Easy to dismantle and recycle products

More advantages and information about Naturalmat is available in this corporate film.


"Results from 2016 during the REBus project show that, thanks to the recycling and take-back scheme, 81 tonnes of material for recycling and 89 tonnes for re-use were delivered (based on 1 800 sales). This generated additional income of £ 35 000 for Naturalmat. Thanks to the REBus programme, Naturalmat mattresses now contain 50 % less adhesives than before." - REBus pilot

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