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Frequently Asked Questions


What is EREK?

EREK stands for the European Resource Efficiency Knowledge Centre, a vibrant platform to enable and reinforce businesses and especially small- and medium-sized companies (SMEs) to act for resource efficiency in Europe and beyond. EREK is a pan-European network of highly-motivated business support organisations who want to stay tuned, gain knowledge, share their expertise and promote resource efficiency in their region and sectors.

Who can be part of EREK?

Business support organisations, including established and prospective providers of resource efficiency services, chambers of commerce or industrial associations who work on the topic of resource efficiency.

Who is part of EREK?

At this point in time, EREK is made up of 41 members from 17 countries, but this number is continually growing. You can access the complete list of EREK members here. Among our members, there are business support organisations, clusters and chambers of commerce.

How can I be part of EREK?

It is very easy to join EREK, you only need to follow these 4 steps:

  1. Please send us a message containing your name, your email address, the name of your organisation, and a short paragraph about your organisation's interest in resource efficiency and the circular economy. The EREK team will then reach out to you for extra information (e.g. your organisation's logo and details).

  2. You will be asked to sign the Network Charter as a symbol and basis for your organisation's commitment to EREK goals and activities.

  3. Jointly with the EREK team, you will discuss possibilities for your organisation's direct involvement in network activities following your specific areas of interest. This might also include learning areas.

  4. Get started by using and contributing to the EREK Self-Assessment Tool, promoting the EREK network and EREK activities among fellow organisations in your area. You can also provide us with an update on news and events in your region and sector.

What can EREK offer me?

SMEs can get the following benefits thanks to EREK’s tools and services:

  • Access to knowledge on the best available technologies and business models
  • Better management of energy, water and material costs
  • Compliance checks for upcoming regulations
  • Become less dependent on suppliers
  • Demonstrate return on investment when adopting resource efficient measures
  • Information on funding sources and technology providers
  • Help building a green image which helps target new customer markets

How can I contact EREK?

The easiest way to get in touch with the EREK team is to send us a message using our website. We also recommend following us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to keep up with the latest news. We also publish newsletters and quarterlies with interviews and more in-depth articles! 

THE SAT (Self-Assesment Tool)

What is the SAT? 

In order to help companies test their performance in resource efficiency, we have developed a Self-Assessment Tool (SAT). Companies fill in SAT questionnaires and then receive a tailored report grouping together all gathered information and recommendations on how they can become more resource efficient.

So far, 11 questionnaires have been published. They cover the following sectors:

In order to fill in these questionnaires it is mandatory to be a registered user of the EREK website. There is also a demo version to try them out without registering. Check it out! 

Who else can use the SAT?

Any company or organisation that has office premises will undoubtedly find the Office module useful.  


EREK regularly organises capacity building workshops all over Europe on the topics of resource efficiency and the transition to a circular economy. These are specialist events about the latest resource efficiency trends and developments, gathering the European resource efficiency community around experience and best practice sharing.

Who are the EREK workshops for? 

EREK workshops are meant for SMEs, larger companies, SME support organisations, individual business advisors, organisations and researchers that deal with the topics of resource efficiency and circular economy (NGOs, think tanks, etc.).

EREK workshops help Network members and business support organisations deliver better, integrated resource efficiency services to SMEs, considering existing local services. The workshops are a good opportunity for established resource efficiency service providers to present their individual approaches, strategies, methods, tools and/or hot topics, thereby contributing to the workshops’ capacity-building design.

Is there a participation fee for attending an EREK workshop?

No participation fee is required for EREK workshops. However, participants have to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses.

I want to know about future EREK workshops

A dedicated page with information about all future EREK events is available here.

Can I make a presentation at the EREK workshop?

If you have relevant content which would be useful to other SMEs of SME intermediaries, if you would enjoy the possibility of presenting and being part of the Workshop programme, please contact us at [email protected].