The Network

What is EREK?

The European Green Deal has the ambition to make EU’s economy sustainable. The European Resource Efficiency Knowledge Centre (EREK for short) is a tool to achieve such an ambition. It is here to help European companies, especially SMEs, save resources (water, energy, waste) and engage in circular economy and industrial symbiosis. EREK provides tools, information and business opportunities demonstrating new and better ways to be resource efficient and benefit from circular economy business models which turn waste into assets.

EREK also supports national, regional and local organisations across Europe that work with SMEs to improve their environmental performance, helping them to become more resource efficient.

Who can be part of EREK?

Business support organisations, industry clusters, chambers of commerce or industrial associations, local and regional authorities, who work on the topic of resource efficiency.

Who is part of EREK?

At this point in time, EREK is made up of 80 members from 27 countries, but this number is continually growing. You can access the complete list of EREK members here. Among our members, there are business support organisations, clusters and chambers of commerce.

How can I be a part of EREK?

What can EREK offer me?

  • Build knowledge with the EREK Knowledge Database: user-friendly access to the Best Practices on resource efficiency validated EU-wide by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.
  • Capacity building and peer discussions: Join our capacity building webinars and workshops to put in practice the European green recovery.
  • Developing, searching for, sharing and selling expertise: In this regard, EREK members have the opportunity to further develop, share and/or subsequently sell environmental technologies and services to clusters, thereby broadening their own expertise and capacity base.
  • Be part to a thriving pan-European green industrial community: connect to peers across the green industrial clusters, environmental agencies and resource efficiency services providers, both in the space of a virtual community as well as through direct interactions.
  • Find specific partners to set up an industrial symbiosis collaboration.
  • News (including funding): the ECCP provides up-to-date information for members – through regular newsletters with almost 6000 subscribers. This will include latest updates and opening on the most recent calls and funds available.
  • Networking: Opportunities will be provided to participate in networking events, capacity building sessions and discussions within a dynamic community of over 1100 clusters.
  • Revitalising the green wave and implement the European Green Deal: help ensure that EREK, its resources and the previous work is alive and relevant as ever through broadening its target audience and users.
  • Policy influence: contribute to shaping the EU’s circular economy/green waste policies through participating in exchanges and discussions with policy makers at different levels of the EU’s multi-level governance.

How can I contact EREK?

The easiest way to get in touch with the EREK team is to send us a message using the ECCP helpdesk

Calls, news and events

A dedicated page with information about all future EREK events is available here.

We also recommend following us on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook to keep up with the latest news. We also publish ECCP newsletters and quarterlies with EREK-related updates and articles! 

The EREK newsletters since before the merger with the ECCP can be found here.

Self-Assessment Tool

What is the Self-Assessment Tool? 

In order to help companies, test their performance in resource efficiency, we have developed a Self-Assessment Tool (SAT). Companies fill in SAT questionnaires and then receive a tailored report grouping together all gathered information and recommendations on how they can become more resource efficient.

So far, 11 questionnaires have been published. They cover the following sectors:

In order to fill in these questionnaires it is mandatory to be a registered user of the EREK website. There is also a demo version to try them out without registering. Check it out! 

Who else can use the Self-Assessment Tool?

Any company or organisation that has office premises will undoubtedly find the Office module useful.