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Urban Impact: Towards an inclusive circular economy in our city

16.05.2019 19:00 to 22:30

Let's discuss how to embed circular economy in our city by targeting all citizens!

The Next B2B Forum - Urban Impact is a series of events by the Global Shapers Frankfurt Hub creating a leading platform and a source for inspiration for thought leaders to shape the future of our cities, in light of megatrends such as urbanisation and climate change. 

With our next edition, “Towards an Inclusive Circular Economy in our City”, Clean Shapers Frankfurt Hub engages stakeholders on the future of cities in their increasing need for resource efficiency and circularity. This edition will have a unique focus on inclusivity, examining how a circular economy could design out inequality as well as waste.

Building on the World Economic Forum white paper “Circular Economy in Cities: Evolving the model for a sustainable urban future”, this event brings together thought leaders such as policymakers and municipality as well as relevant corporates and startups in order to shape the conversation on inclusive circular systems in cities. 

The objective of this edition is threefold. It aims to start a conversation about achieving inclusive circular economy within cities, starting from the city of Frankfurt. It targets innovators, business leaders and policymakers in order to create a unique platform that could foster collaborative exchange, dialogue and problem-solving. It ultimately intends to encourage public commitments, corporate actions and policy asks aimed at making our cities more sustainable by centring on changing citizens’ needs.

Cities will be our future. Let us all get to shape it together, in a sustainable way and promoting a regenerative use of our resources. We need to find solutions that are human-centered, inclusive and sustainable.

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