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Save the date - EZK Event: Partners in Energy Challenges - Dutch

31.01.2019 11:00
Thorbeckelaan 123

Come to the event on 31 January 2019 for companies that work on energy saving and sustainable energy generation. Be inspired, deepen your knowledge through partial sessions and win the EZK Energy Award 2018.

With a keynote by Ed Nijpels, among other things, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change is organising the third edition of 'Partners in Energy Challenges'.

Obligation to inform energy conservation
Energy saving is the first step towards a CO2-neutral energy system. On this day, therefore, there will be plenty of attention for the obligation to provide information on energy savings. All companies and institutions in the Netherlands will have to deal with this from 2019. What obligation will apply to your organisation by when? What can you do now and in the future? How much time does it take and what are the benefits? Get answers to your questions and share experiences with other organisations. There is ample opportunity to network.

In-depth partial sessions
Saving and generating energy means lower costs for your company and a greener image. The why question is already outdated. It's about how. Discover in partial sessions exactly how you can save and generate and finance energy. The innovations go fast. Experts explain it.

Energy generation
The energy transition starts with you. Within one generation we will go to 100% sustainable energy. In this sub-session you will hear what the effect of the Climate Agreement will be on your company. There will be policy measures that make renewable energy even more profitable and easier. The Dutch Sustainable Energy Association will talk to you and offer inspiring examples from practice. So that you can start working the next day.

EZK Energy Award
We will also announce the winner of the EZK Energy Award 2018 on this day. The prize of € 25,000 is for the company or institution that has distinguished itself in the field of energy saving and sustainable generation of energy.

Make a note of 31 January 2019 in your diary. See you then!


Want to know more?    Win the EZK Energy Award and 25,000 euros!


Note : event will most likely take place in Dutch

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