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EREK Poland Workshop, 26th of March - Making recycling of packaging waste a profitable business for SMEs.

26.03.2019 09:30 to 17:00
Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas
6 Kossutha Street

Improving the overall resource efficiency performance of packaging waste recycling and making it a business case is a challenge for SMEs. The workshop provides a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas related to current and future EU policies and trends for packaging waste recycling that have an impact on the operations and investment decisions of SMEs involved in collection, sorting and processing of packaging waste, organizational, legal and economic factors that influence the performance and profitability of these processes as well as best practices and technical solutions for improving the resource efficiency in SMEs to help them better respond to the market needs.

The objectives of the event are to: 

  • To raise awareness on the relevance of resource efficiency in waste management operations among public and private stakeholders involved in packaging waste recycling from Poland and the Central Europe region
  • To identify and discuss the key issues and systemic solutions (e.g. EPR) relevant for resource efficient operation of SMEs involved in the collection, sorting, and processing of packaging waste recycling taking into account economic feasibility, technical viability, market drivers and regulatory conditions of Central Europe 
  • To highlight the opportunities and build capacity for improvements in organizational and technical operations for collection, sorting and processing to increase efficiency and profitability of performance and materials recovery
  • To share knowledge, experiences and good practices among participants on the ways of improving packaging waste recycling to achieve better efficiency and meet the increasing quality demands for recycled materials from the market
  • To identify the information needs of the collection, sorting and processing entities concerning measures to optimize their performance in resource efficiency both in terms of productivity and final quality in line with the market trends 

The event will mainly be in English with translation to Polish. 


The workshop will be co-hosted by IETU.

The event has been designated as an EU Industry Day Event

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