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EREK stands for the European Resource Efficiency Knowledge Centre, a vibrant platform to enable and reinforce businesses and especially small- and medium-sized companies (SMEs) to take action for resource efficiency in Europe and beyond.

EREK is a pan-European network of highly-motivated business support organisations who want to stay tuned, gain knowledge, share their expertise and promote resource efficiency in their region and sectors.

Thanks to the efforts and shared knowledge of each of these member organisations, European businesses can access essential information, tools, learning material and get into contact with technical experts at a local level. EREK is available to its member organisations through its comprehensive online platform as well as live events in various European regions.

What does the EREK Network offer you?

  • Access to international knowledge, technical expertise and practices
  • Latest information on resource efficiency, good-practice examples of European businesses and a selection of best available technologies
  • Regular updates on EREK-related developments and news from the EREK community
  • Support and advice in promoting resource efficiency in your sector and region
  • Tools and instruments for assessing the savings potential of a business
  • Quick overview of relevant support programmes available at European, national and regional levels
  • Member access to the EREK online platform including webinars and special information, and extended learning and training materials to refresh your knowledge on the topic
  • Multimedia and virtual training opportunities to learn from resource efficiency experts
  • Specialist events and activities on resource efficiency trends and developments, and updates on professional events within the European Resource Efficiency community

Our network charter

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Who can become a member of the EREK network?

Business support organisations, including established and prospective providers of resource efficiency services.

Get involved and make your passion for Resource Efficiency known!

Not yet a member of the EREK Network? Join EREK now and become a member of the European Resource Efficiency community today!

The four 4 steps of getting involved:

1st step: Please send us a message at containing your name, your email address, the name of your organisation, and a short paragraph about your organisation's interest in resource efficiency and the circular economy. The EREK team will then reach out to you for extra information (e.g. your organisation's logo and details).

2nd step: You will be asked to sign our Network Charter as symbol and basis for your organisation's commitment to EREK goals and activities.

3rd step: Jointly with the EREK team, you will discuss possibilities for your organisation's direct involvement in network activities following your specific areas of interest. This might also include learning areas.

4th step: Get started by using and contributing to the EREK Self-Assessment Tool, promoting the EREK network and EREK activities among fellow organisations in your area. You can also provide us with an update on news and events in your region and sector.

The EREK Network members


AIP-CCI, Associação Industrial Portuguesa-Câmara de Comércio e Indústria

ANI (National Innovation Agency)

Bulgarian Association of Municipal Environmental Experts (BAMEE)

Business Upper Austria - OÖ Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH

Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development – Bulgaria (CEED)

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

Cleantech Bulgaria

Ecoinnovazione srl

Effizienz-Agentur NRW



Environmental Protection Agency (Ireland)



FIRE - Italian Federation for Energy Efficiency

Forschung Burgenland - Research & Innovation

General Confederation of Greek Workers

Hessen Trade & Invest (HTAI) GmbH

IFKA Public Benefit Non-profit Ltd. for the Development of Industry

Ihobe, Environmental Management Agency of the Basque Government

IME GSEVEE - Small Enterprises’ Institute Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants

Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas

Institute of Circular Economy