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EREK database of resource efficiency

Measures, Technologies and Good Practices

Do you want to know how much different measures and technological solutions would cost and how much money and resources they can save for your business? This database offers such data in a concise and comprehensive format.

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Online reuse platform, Globechain

Globechain is an online reuse platform in Europe, a so-called “free-cycle for corporates”. It allows companies and charities to claim unwanted items from the retail, commercial and construction...
Sector / Industry:
  • All sectors
  • Construction
  • Office and administration
  • Service sector
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Materials
Costs, savings, and payback time: Low cost 20-30%

Blowdown heat recovery

On a daily or weekly basis, steam boilers blow down hot water from the boiler to avoid the formation of sludge. Blowdown heat systems can recover much of this waste heat and reuse it. The system is...
Sector / Industry:
  • All sectors
  • Energy
Costs, savings, and payback time: High cost 8.2 Year(s)