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EREK database of resource efficiency

Measures, Technologies and Good Practices

Do you want to know how much different measures and technological solutions would cost and how much money and resources they can save for your business? This database offers such data in a concise and comprehensive format.

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Turn wood residues into a valuable raw material through...

Industrial symbiosis is an industrial ecosystem where the unused or residual resources of one company are used by another. This results in mutual economic, social and environmental benefits. It is a...
Good practice

Sawmill in France recycles lumber strapping bands and...

A strapping 'green' solution to a vital process Sawmill shows how recycling can be good for the balance sheet and the environment Small investment in recycling leads to savings of € 1 250 per year...
Sector / Industry:
  • All manufacturing industries
  • Timber and woodworking
  • Waste
Costs, savings, and payback time: Medium cost 9% 0.5 Year(s)