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EREK database of resource efficiency

Measures, Technologies and Good Practices

Do you want to know how much different measures and technological solutions would cost and how much money and resources they can save for your business? This database offers such data in a concise and comprehensive format.

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Good practice

Restructuring work to keep a slaughterhouse afloat

When design, business, engineering and the environment all come together A tenancy change presents an opportunity to retrofit a slaughterhouse, making it more efficient and safer Measures generate...
Good practice

Jam manufacturer saves 100 tonnes of fuel oil per year

When letting off steam is a problem Jam factory discovers how to fix its steam production, save fuel and boost its performance Actions taken to optimise and upgrade its steam system save around € 35...
Sector / Industry:
  • Food processing
  • Energy
Costs, savings, and payback time: High cost 0.4 Year(s)
Good practice

Top 20 analysis helps cut energy use in Austrian animal...

Look closely and all kinds of savings can be found Top 20 analysis reveals energy-saving opportunities Adjusting compressed air pressure, for example, saves about 19 000 kWh in electricity a year...