This report focuses on the contribution of product eco-innovation towards a circular economy transition in the EU. It aims to provide an overview of illustrative good practices and trends of product eco-innovations that contribute to the circular economy as well as sustainable product policy experiences in Member States, in order to draw lessons for EU level policies. A special feature highlights new findings and trends regarding eco-innovation performance in Member States (the 2018 Eco-Innovation Scoreboard). This report is intended for EU and national policy makers, researchers, NGOs, and other stakeholders such as the private sector and consumers. Key questions include: How does product eco-innovation relate to the circular economy? What is the policy context and who are the key actors? What is the state of product related eco-innovation and circular economy developments across the EU, and what are the trends? How can product eco-innovation toward a circular economy be measured and monitored? What is happening “on the ground” / what are the good business practices? How do EU product policy instruments link to promoting a circular economy in the EU, what is needed to further scale-up eco-innovation efforts and what are the good policy practices from Member States? What are the key findings and policy messages?