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What can we do for Business Support Organisation?

EREK offers several services to business support organisations: access to the database and tools designed by resource efficiency experts, membership to a pan-European network of experts, as well as publications and workshops on state-of-the-art practice in resource efficiency and service provision.

EREK Network

An active network of European, national, and regional experts in resource efficiency. Become a member, participate in our events, and contribute to the activities of the network.


An important collection of measures, technologies, and real business cases from all over Europe and sectors. Easily available and frequently updated! You know of best practices? You want to promote your beneficiaries? Showcase them here!


The self-assessment tool helps SMEs of specific sectors identify their savings potential. Distribute if to your beneficiaries as a user-friendly way to help them make important steps towards resource efficiency!

It's happening

Workshops and webinars, trends and latest developments, everything live and EREK-related is here!