Ihobe, one of EREK Network members is looking for international partners! 

The Basque Government’s Ministry of the Environment, Territorial Planning and Housing, through Ihobe, a public society, has approved the new grant programme to fund innovative ecodesign and circular economy projects in the Basque industry. This new call aims to increase material efficiency in industry and drive the durability and ecodesign of products by means of innovation.  These are core areas of the “Circular Economy Strategy of the Basque Country 2030” expected to be approved shortly.​

The public society for enviroment management, Ihobe’s 2019 grant call comprises three funding lines: ecodesign, circular economy demonstration and Ecoinnovation. The maximum grants to be awarded range between €20,000 and €10,000 and account for between 40% and 60% of the total costs of the project depending on the size of the company. The call is supported financially by the European Union, through the ERDF fund programme, as well as by the Basque Government’s Ministry for the Environment, Territorial Planning and Housing and its Premier’s Office.

The 2019 call seeks to deploy the “Eco-innovation in materials, processes and products” challenge of the forthcoming Basque Circular Economy Strategy 2030. Its ultimate goal is to contribute to environmental improvement from a lifecycle approach, to increasing turnover and the corporate profit margin, to cutting production costs and to creating quality employment in keeping with the RIS3 Smart Specialisation Strategy and the Science and Technology Plan – PCTI 2020 of the Basque Country. The deadline for submitting applications to Ihobe is 18 October and queries can be made until 9 September.

The nine priority thematic areas that will receive financial support are similar to those of earlier calls focused on products and materials. As regards products, the focus is on ecodesign, both of equipment and components and of packaging, servitization and new circular business models, advanced remanufacturing and repairs, and the environmental footprint for food. With respect to materials, the priority is on the metal transformation technologies, critical and key metals, polymers (plastic, rubber and compounds), along with minerals and construction materials.

The preliminary assessment of the results of the 98 business projects awarded €4.1 million of funding in the last three years show a high of a degree of satisfaction among companies thanks to the flexibility, support for the strategic approach and help with speeding up the launch of the solution on the market. Furthermore, 70% of the applications submitted were approved in roughly a month.

If you are interested, please send a 1-2 page of "Project Idea sheet" by 9th of September! You will get immediate feedback by Ihobe against funding evaluation criteria.

More information: https://www.ihobe.eus/news/environmental-ministry-to-provide-nearly-a-million-euros-to-fund-innovative-ecodesign-and-circular-economy-projects-in-the-basque-industry-2 

Ihobe The EREK Team