EREK is happy to announce our most recent Key Partnership with ACR+ - The Association for Cities and Regions for sustainable Resource management.

The collaboration between ACR+ and EREK entails mutual promotion and exchange of good practices. This will allow ACR+ and EREK to provide enhanced services to their members and achieve their shared objectives.

What is ACR+?

ACR+ is an international network of cities and regions that share the aim of promoting the sustainable management of resources and accelerating the transition towards a circular economy on their territories and beyond.

What is their mission?

The mission is notably to contribute, on a European and international level, to the sharing of technical know-how about sustainable waste management and circular economy strategies, policies and technologies. Additionally,  ACR+ aims to contribute to closing the cycle of primary and secondary raw materials (resources, products, waste) with a specific focus on the promotion of resource efficiency and their equitable distribution.

What does ACR+ do?

With those objectives in mind, ACR+ has espoused the formation of an international network of cities and regions, its core membership consisting of public authorities active at the local and regional levels. At the same time, the organisation adopts a multi-stakeholder approach to sustainable waste management and to the circular economy and customarily invites other types of stakeholders, such as NGOs or private companies, to partake in its events and initiatives.

ACR+ connects cities and regions from different countries and puts them in contact with a range of relevant actors including waste management experts, policymakers, consultancies, private companies and academia. One key way in which it does that is through EU financed projects in which it often participates alongside its members. At any given point, the organisation participates in over a dozen such projects, the scope of which falls under the following working themes: awareness raising and communication, operational instruments and monitoring, legal and economic instruments, strategy and planning, cooperation and capacity building.

Aside from that, ACR+ runs its own projects in collaboration with partners from all over Europe and its neighbourhood. Amongst the most notable such initiatives are the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) and the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Club.

How to join ACR+?

Being a member of ACR+ means being offered a wide array of services, ranging from webinars to newsletters and to bespoke trainings, as well as opportunities to learn about topics as diverse as waste management in tourist destinations and industrial symbiosis.  

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