Via G.B. Morgagni 6
40122 Bologna BO
Contact person:
Mr Enrico Cancila, head of the “Economic development and environment” unit of ERVET

ERVET is the Development Agency of Emilia-Romagna Region, aimed at providing policy and technical advice to regional government in the field of sustainable development and governance. Some activities are targeted to the administration, some others to SMEs, industrial clusters, industrial areas, industrial associations. Some example of works related to resource efficiency or SMEs:

• The regional “Green Economy Monitoring centre”, a competence centre providing analysis/overview on green enterprises •

The website, a website containing information about cleaner techniques

• Promotion of environmental certification and of product and process-oriented management tools (i.e. training events, newsletter, software for EMS in SMEs)

• Interreg project CESME – Circular Economy for SMEs, aimed at promoting the SMEs transition towards circularity

• Evaluation of energy interventions financed by the Region with European, national and regional funds (e.g. energy audits in SMEs, public buildings energy refurbishments, etc.)

• Support to the Region for implementation and monitoring of the Regional Energy Plan

Support services:
Best practices, Financial support, Guides, handbooks, information material, Information and dissemination activities, Support in obtaining Environmental Certification and labelling scheme
Resource expertise:
Energy, Materials, Waste
Sectoral expertise:
All manufacturing industries, Construction, Food processing, Office and administration, Other, Service sector, Waste management and recycling