IFKA Public Benefit Non-profit Ltd. for the Development of Industry

IFKA Public Benefit Non-profit Ltd. for the Development of Industry
Andrássy str. 100.
Contact person:
Eszter Tanka Head of Green Economy unit, project manager

IFKA has been an active, well-known and recognized player of the Hungarian economic, technical and innovation public life since 1990.

As auxiliary organization of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, it provides added value to the sustainable and long-term development of the Hungarian economy.

Its extensive network connects supply and demand sides of the economy in the fields of economic and industrial development, support for SMEs, organization development, social entrepreneurship, green economy and international co-operation.

IFKA performs environmental awareness raising, industrial symbiosis programs and climate change adaptation, mitigation and innovation related activities since 2009. Due to its professional experience IFKA is an expert in resource efficiency related projects, and it has an extensive network of SMEs and other stakeholders (trade associations, local authorities, companies, growing number of clusters etc.) acting within the circular economy approach.

Support services:
Best practices, Consultancy/one to one consultations, Guides, handbooks, information material, Training
Resource expertise:
Energy, Materials, Water, Waste
Sectoral expertise:
All manufacturing industries, Waste management and recycling