FIRE - Italian Federation for Energy Efficiency

FIRE - Italian Federation for Energy Efficiency
Via Anguillarese 301
00123 Roma RM
Contact person:
Daniele Forni, Chief Technical Officer

FIRE, Federazione Italiana per l'uso razionale dell'energia, is an independent non-profit organization, whose purpose is to promote sustainability and the efficient use of energy and other resources. 

FIRE has around 400 members, which cover all the energy sector. The association operates by supporting companies and people involved in the energy sector through its institutional activities and its services. FIRE also promotes – in collaboration with the relevant institutions – a positive development of the legislative and regulatory framework in order to foster an efficient use of energy.

Over time FIRE managed many projects dealing with energy efficiency covering all sectors. Among the EU projects aimed also at SMEs, there are Enerbuilding (good practices for buildings), SME energy check-up (auditing and good practices), EU-MERCI (good practices for the industry), ESI Europe (contracts and financing for SMEs), M-Benefits (multiple benefits of energy efficiency).

Since 1992 FIRE manages the Italian Energy Management Network on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development. 

Support services:
Best practices, Guides, handbooks, information material, Training, Certification of energy management expert and CMVP
Resource expertise:
Sectoral expertise:
All sectors